I've been taking photographs ever since my dad let me have a go with his ancient Praktika SLR. I took photos for the student newspaper when I was at university, and when digital photography came along, not only did photography suddenly become more fun, cameras started shooting video too!

I quickly found that video requires a whole new skill set, and if you're going to make a nice job of it, lots of new tools and kit too.  Watching early YouTube content, I wanted to do better than the dull, muffled, badly-lit, wobbly vlogs that were the standard fare at the time.

For one thing, one person droning on by themselves doesn't tend to be too entertaining.  Dialogue really helps.  I recruited my identical twin sister Amanda to introduce some.  Sometimes I wish I'd never bothered...

Things have just moved onwards and upwards from there, really.  

What hasn't changed is that I still get a huge kick out the creative process: using my kit and knowhow to go from mere ideas to engaging - even moving - pictures on the screen.


 So: let's make a film!